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About Us

Bathos, the shop and online business, is owned and managed by Paul Barrett, a transplanted Englishman, living in Tennessee. Since 1998, Bathos has been serving up delicious bath and body confections in a fresh, new way, on historic Main Street in Franklin. Along with his fiancée, Stacy (a transplanted Canadian, who, in 2003, fell in love with, and ended up working alongside, Paul), they are the creativity and hard work behind Bathos. Every product available in the store is handmade by the two of them- starting from scratch, using safe, natural ingredients, which are free of the harmful chemicals that seem to fill just about every personal care item on the market today! Bathos was featured in the November 2005 issue of Southern Living and rated one of the top 50 shops in the South, in Southern Living's November 2006 issue!

What began as a hobby of soap making, has evolved into a personal care and bath line of products, that shatter the myth that commercially produced soaps, bubble baths and body creams are the only options for today's consumers. Using safe, natural ingredients and essential oils, Bathos products don't rely on cheap fillers and chemicals to make their items effective.

Soap is an ancient craft, and legends tell of its origins in Greece, where women washing their clothing in a stream, realized the oozing substance from the sacrificial alter at Sappos, made their clothing cleaner. This substance, the fat and oils of the sacrificial animals, mixed with the ash of the sacrificial fires, had created soap. A recipe for soap was found on a clay tablet from ancient Babylonia, dating 2200 BC.

We still make soap in much the same way, mixing oils and lye (an alkali base, as were the sacrificial ashes) until it saponifies (changes it's chemical structure), and produces soap. What we don't use is animal fat (called tallow), to make our soaps. Instead our oils are all vegetable based, using primarily olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and shea butter to produce soap that is moisturizing on your skin, and a gentle cleanser, free from chemical additives such as sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfates, or (Butyl, Ethyl, or Methyl) parabens. We use essential oils for fragrance whenever possible (excluding essential oils where animal extraction is involved, such as musk, or in instances where a flower or plant simply does not produce a viable essential oil - such as honeysuckle).

The same principles are applied to all our products. We purchase organic, natural ingredients whenever possible, we know what goes in our products and we are happy to share the ingredients information with our customers. Our consumers are increasingly aware of the harmful, long-term effects that chemicals can have on their skin and their health. We do not test on animals - this is where our friends and family come in handy! (We do, however, wash our dogs, Henry and Ellie, in "Hair To The Throne" Shampoo!) Our products were created out of our personal desire for natural alternatives, and many were created as a result of our customers' requests. We hope you enjoy the results!

Paul N. Barrett
Stacy L. Hayden